Norgine Australia

Ken MacRitchie General Manager-Norgine Australia & New Zealand

Gus Rudolph

General Manager-Norgine Australia & New Zealand


Established in Europe in 1906, Norgine Pty Limited was first incorporated in Australia in 1973 although Norgine’s products were available through local sales agents well before that time.


The business, based at our headquarters in Frenchs Forest in the northern suburbs of Sydney, is a service provider for its Dutch parent Norgine B.V. regarding the Australian- and New Zealand markets. Norgine B.V. has provided a range of pharmaceutical products for a variety of conditions. We have gradually expanded over the years and seen sales rise. Norgine is now in the top 50 pharmaceutical companies in the country.


The local business was initially conducted with collaboration from distribution agents who looked after the key brands at that time that included NORMAFIBE®, NORMACOL® Plus and WAXSOL®. Other brands that featured down the years that are no longer manufactured or have been sold to other parties included ALVERCOL®, CORNKIL®, POSALFILIN® (ointment and paint) and PYRALVEX®.


Norgine introduced MOVICOL®, our current highest selling product, onto the Australian market in 1998. That coincided with the establishment of the local Norgine sales and marketing organisation that finally found its home in Frenchs Forest, a suburb on the edge of Sydney’s northern beaches. More recent product introductions have included MOVIPREP® (2008) and XIFAXAN® 550 (2012).


The Frenchs Forest office houses marketing, finance & administration and medical & regulatory functions. Physical distribution of Norgine products to wholesalers and customers is conducted in partnership with Symbion Contract Logistics and Healthcare Logistics (HCL, New Zealand).


Norgine has a track record of introducing a variety of medicines for different medical ailments. We have a healthy pipeline of other products that should reach fruition in the coming years. In addition Norgine continues to invest in the development of patient and healthcare professional educational materials and information to support existing brands of medicines.


Norgine Pty Limited is a member of Medicines Australia. Medicines Australia is a body that represents the discovery-driven pharmaceutical industry in Australia. You can find out more about Medicines Australia on their website