Medicines Australia

Norgine Pty Limited is a member of Medicines Australia (MA). Medicines Australia is a body that represents the discovery-driven pharmaceutical industry in Australia. As part of its remit Medicines Australia engages with government and government departments, the Australian Medicines Industry, consumer groups and health professionals to develop health and industry policy. It seeks to build and maintain relationships with government for fair reimbursement of medicines (through the Pharmaceuticals Benefits Scheme) to ensure the continuation of a viable medicines industry.


Medicines Australia also works with other health professional and consumer organisations on issues of mutual concern, provides specialist advice to member companies and aims to help educate the community about industry activities.


Medicines Australia also administers the MA Code of Conduct which sets the standard for the ethical marketing and promotion of prescription medicines. The code evolves in a continuous basis (usually every 3 years) and is already onto its 19th edition. Norgine fully supports the efforts of MA to ensure that the Code of Conduct accurately and fairly represents an appropriately balanced and detailed set of standards for the promotion of prescription medicines.


The latest edition of the MA Code of Conduct can be found on the MA website